• Domestic Violence

    Domestic violence can impact your personal and professional life as well as your children’s emotional stability...
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    We represent survivors in applying for or responding to family law parenting matters. We understand through experience...
  • Property Settlement

    Don't risk representation that isn't up to scratch. DV Lawyer are experts in domestic violence and family law matters...

Most people leaving an abusive relationship are often confused and feel “out of their depth” over what to do next, particularly where practical arrangements for separation need to be made, for example, how to leave, how to obtain alternate housing, issues over financial security, how to obtain ongoing adequate protection for them and their children and where they stand legally with parenting rights and entitlement to property settlement.

Suddenly, clients face the predicament of funds two households out of one set of finances.

We are passionate about assisting domestic violence survivors in firstly obtaining the protection they deserve and then staying with them every step of the way to navigate their children’s custody issues and financial/property settlement matters.

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  • Mediation/Arbitration

    Not only do we represent client’s in negotiations and in the Courts (which can prove necessary for some), we can assist clients in Mediation or Arbitration to settle both financial and children’s disputes. It is often swifter and more personalised process than going to Court.

  • Our Fees

    We offer completely transparent legal representation based on fixed fees so you will have certainty of what the costs are from the outset. Should your circumstances be that you are unable to pay the fees upfront and you are eligible, we may offer a flexible deferred fee arrangement or payment by instalments.

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