Kathleen Simpson is the Founder and Principal Domestic Violence and Family Lawyer.

She has extensive experience in negotiating and regularly attending Court (where it proves necessary in cases) and has a proven track record of success in acting for victims of domestic violence.

Kathleen completed her law degree in 2005 and has been admitted as a Legal Practitioner since 2008.

In addition to specialising as a Domestic Violence and Family Lawyer, she is a Nationally Accredited Mediator (NMAS/QLS).

She is a sub-committee member of the Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (LGBTI).

Kathleen has:

Kathleen Simpson

Successfully prepared and filed countless urgent Application for a Protection Order and obtained Temporary Protection Orders that same day or on the next business day.

Successfully obtained domestic violence orders for aggrieved persons after they had been subjected to physical and emotional violence as well as being harassed and intimidated.

Obtained Ouster Orders to evict the perpetrator and to allow the victim to remain in the residence.

Successfully prosecuted numerous Protection Order Applications, including a recent financial abuse matter where the other party was ordered to pay spousal maintenance in weekly sum, in addition to maintaining the victims access to a bank balance of at least $5,000 for emergencies.

In another recent financial abuse case, the other party was ordered to pay a lump sum of $20,000 to the ex-defacto woman.

Obtained orders to suspend and vary family law orders, including a recent emotional abuse case where the father was ordered not to approach the children at their school, home or at any place or to only have contact with the Aggrieved’s permission, by Court Order or when attending Mediation.

Obtained final orders to protect the aggrieved for 5 years from her physically and sexually abusive ex partner.

Obtained countless orders through negotiating with the perpetrator in consenting to the proposed orders without admission, effectively ending the proceedings early.

Successfully defended cross applications or applications to vary filed by the perpetrators.

Varied Temporary Protection Orders to add more extensive conditions and add other Named Persons.

Varied Final Protection Orders to add more extensive conditions and add other Named Persons.

Attended many DV Trial days, most of which the perpetrator ends up accepting the orders without admitting guilt rather than going through with the Trial and risking being found guilty.

Regularly attends the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court of Australia to settle property/financial cases and children’s matters.

For children’s matters, she has successfully obtained relocation/location orders, interim orders for supervised visits only or no contact at all in cases of severe abuse, change of schools, subpoenas, contravention applications, among many more.

For property settlement matters, Kathleen has prepared and assisted countless clients in negotiating early settlements by Consent Orders, Binding Financial Agreements and/or Binding Child Support Agreements.

In cases involving the ex-partner refusing to disclose their true financial position, obtained orders to appoint forensic accountants and issued subpoenas.

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