“What a passionate person, woman, supporter and lawyer Kathleen is. I had her as my lawyer and I found her to be all of the above and so much more. She is a truly wonderful person to have on your side.”  ~ Keyra

“Kathleen what would I have done without you? You were amazing and the strength I needed. I loved the 5 star treatment and humour. Thank you SO MUCH for everything.” ~ Louise

“You are an inspiration to women everywhere Kathleen. Finally I can say thank you for helping me last year in one of my darkest days. You really do care about the people you work with and that truly is a great quality to have as an individual. I struggled that day to breath, my hands shaking, heart pounding and you walked right in, head held high and did your stuff. I feel as though I have known you forever, I am so blessed. Thank you. Xx”  ~ Michelle

“Flowers were not enough for what this beautiful woman has done for me. Kathleen u have made me feel safe and knowing u r there makes me feel worthy and knowing I have u in my world makes me so grateful. Words cannot express what u mean to me and all u have done for me, all I can say is I hope ALL women have u to have their back”  ~ Imedla

“Three years ago i was a very strong woman, good mother good wife etc and then my world fell apart, at one stage I was so emotionally and verbally abused I tried to end my life, I got help and that started to build my confidence, but it started to fall apart again, I was lucky enough to have Kathleen as my lawyer, actually not only as my lawyer, but has made me feel, hey Im not a dog, or a worthless female subservient to my husband. I am a good person and am worthy of my place as 1. A Human being  2. A good person 3. A great Mum and have a place in this world. Kathleen u have given me the strength to start being the woman I was before, I still have a way to go but I am on the right path because of u. You took me on knowing u were in over ur head with work u already had, but u STILL had time for 1 MORE. I admire ur strength and hopefully in the near future I will have half of that, u r an inspiration into what is right in this world whether it be male or female, u have beliefs to protect the innocent and that is so beautiful, I cannot express how much u mean to women like myself, and for me to even say these things for all to see is how much I have grown the past few weeks. THANK U SO MUCH I’m almost human again xx” ~ Imedla

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